What's Different in Menswear for 2017 ?

What's Different in Menswear for 2017 ?

Each year, we try to spot subtle and not-so-subtle changes in classic menswear. For 2017, we noticed eight updates which seem to be catching on lately, but take a look and decide for yourself.

1. The odd waistcoat with checks.


Suitsupply latched onto this one with three of their models sporting the look.

Our take: The checked pattern of the waistcoat has a nice warming effect to the ensemble.

2. The choker scarf or neckerchief

Backstage at Canali Spring 2016

Backstage at Canali Spring 2016

Canali came up with promoting this one lately (as well as Zegna). Would you wear it?

Our take: Could be strange, but with the right ensemble, why not?

3. Yellow trousers


We’ve noticed a lot of tailors pulling out bolts of yellow when looking for trouser fabric. Kiton seems to like the idea.

Our take : 100 percent agree!

4. Sweater Mania


In their recent collection, Cesare Attolini features as many suiting ensembles with sweaters compared to those without sweaters.

Our take: Attolini has been pushing the sweater-with-a-suit look for a few seasons now. Their tenacity alone makes this look worth a try.

5. Suit with buttoned-up polo or shirt (no tie)


Zegna is eschewing the necktie in some of its recent collections, featuring suits with completely-buttoned-up shirts or polos.

Our take : This look hints of 1960’s nostalgia.

6. The Messenger Bag


A way to become officially geek-i-fied. A slice of the Silicon Valley look appears to have caught on worldwide.

Our take: Like.

7. The Driving Jacket


Blame it on Davide Taub of Gieves and Hawkes, who may have caused a revolution for the driving jacket all by himself, as this seems to be one of the envies of the bespoke connoisseur.

Our take: How could anyone disagree?

8. Fancy Pants (fancier than ever)


Trousers are no longer overlooked and are now demanding the same high standards as jackets and suit coats, with some clients crafting their suit coats and suit trousers at different tailoring houses.

Built-in belts, multiple pleats, a high waist, multi-button-flies, pick-stitching and high-level detailing are some the options you now have when selecting your trousers.

Our take: a slender body may be necessary for elaborate trouser designs.

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