Who is Parisian gentleman

Hugo Jacomet Sonya Glyn and Greg Jacomet posing in a clothe store

Parisian Gentleman has been created by Hugo Jacomet in 2009 as a personal diary in which he was sharing his sartorial adventures and his passion for bespoke tailoring and shoemaking.

Soon after his son Greg Jacomet, then his future wife Sonya Glyn joined him to form the historical trio behind Parisian Gentleman and the two YouTube channels : « Sartorial Talks » (in English) and « Discussions Sartoriales » (in French).


Greg holds a degree in English Literature (Sorbonne Paris University) and has been in charge of the administration of the website, of the supervision of all the translations (in English and French) and of the production of all the contents, in two languages (ie 1500 articles in French and in English) since the beginning of the PG adventure. He’s also in charge of the post-production of the YouTube channels and is an accomplished video editor.


Sonya holds a BA of journalism and public relations from the University of Georgia (USA). She joined the PG team in 2011 in order to help Hugo and Greg Jacomet with the international development of the website. Sonya is the editor-in-chief of PG in English and co-hosts, alongside Hugo Jacomet, the Sartorial Talks show on YouTube as well as the eponymous podcast. She recently co-authored with her husband Hugo the book « Shoes, The Art of Male Footwear ».


Hugo Jacomet is an international best-selling author (Thames & Hudson London, Rizzoli New York, Intervalles Paris) specialised in classic menswear and anything sartorial. He is the founder of Parisian Gentleman and of Sartorial Talks, together with Greg and Sonya.