The Parisian Gentleman New Compact Edition

The Parisian Gentleman New Compact Edition

I've read that the defining moment in which you can "call yourself an author" is when one of your books makes it to the re-edition league. This step signals that your book has been read by a sufficient amount of people to motivate your publisher to issue a reedition.

My first two books both made it to the re-print league, but "The Parisian Gentleman" is the first to be re-published in a beautiful, easier-to-carry quarter-bound version, of which I just received the two first advance copies yesterday.

The reddition is strictly the same book as the original edition, but in a smaller size.

It is a quarter-bound edition with magnificent blue cloth around the spine and it features images on front and back.

Although I was not completely convinced of the need for such an edition (as I thought this labor of love deserved its original massive size), to my great surprise, the reduction in page size somehow has produced a genuine concentration of sartorial richness.

The brilliant photos of Andy Julia are still stupendous and sometimes even more intriguing with this smaller lay-out. Beware though, this new edition of "The Parisian Gentleman" is still 1,7 pounds in weight and is not exactly the pulp magazine which you'll be able to squeeze in your overloaded brief case.But at last (!) it will be possible for me to carry the book when I meet new people, and show them our work--instead of explaining how my books are too heavy to carry (an explanation often received with doubtful glances).

The book will be released September 13th in Europe and worldwide on November 13th, including in the USA.

Pre-orders are available on Amazon everywhere (check your local Amazon).

Here are the links for pre-orders : USA (HERE), the UK (HERE) and France (HERE).

Thank you for your support, your loyalty and your pre-orders!

Cheers, Hugo

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