Scavini Tailleur : an excellent first step into the world of tailoring

Scavini Tailleur : an excellent first step into the world of tailoring


Today we wish to report on the official launch of the tailoring project of our friend, blogger extraordinaire, tailoring art connoisseur, talented illustrator, and true style aficionado: Julien Scavini.

Without getting into all the details of his project, here are the main lines. Julien wanted to help the greatest number of you gently enter the wonderful world of tailoring by positioning himself somewhere between conventional industrial made-to-measure (where quality is often questionable) and traditional pure bespoke (often too expensive to be affordable, especially for younger clients).

Knowing how unreasonably passionate he is about fine craftsmanship, we were not surprised with the very specific characteristics of his very conservatively priced creations (starting at 1,600 euros): they are fully canvassed -so completely fusing free - finished by hand, sourced in quality Italian workshops, and come in a wide selection of cuts and fabrics.

What's more, when you will speak with Scavini about shoulder types or how narrow you like your sleeve head, it will not sound like Greek, Sanskrit, or Hebrew to him, as it often happens with “wannabe” tailors who only talk of “lines” to pass off their ready-to-wear as made-to-measure.

To know more, visit SCAVINI TAILLEUR.

We wish Julien the greatest success. Join me in congratulating him on the launch of his workshop and on joining the ranks of French artisan tailors who are making our country, though still far behind Italy and England, one of the most dynamic in the sector - along with the new generation of tailors including the likes of Paul Grassart or David Diagne.Long life to Scavini Tailleur !

Cheers, HUGO

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