All About the Double Breasted Suit : Episode 25 of Sartorial Talks

All About the Double Breasted Suit : Episode 25 of Sartorial Talks

For years, PG has been advocating for the return of the double-breasted (DB) suit as an elegant and charismatic alternative to the single-breasted suit.

Our friend and occasional contributor G. Bruce Boyer (whom we consider one the safest authors in terms of taste and interpretation on the subject of the masculine wardrobe) has often taken the gloves off and put an end to misconceptions and rules restricting these splendid suits to “certain body shapes”.

Indeed no gentleman should fear the double-breasted suit because of his body shape. If you like it, wear it!

The only restriction we all agree on is the quality of the cut. Indeed, if one item of the masculine wardrobe should never suffer approximate cutting, it’s the double-breasted suit.

Meanwhile, as the interest of ready-to-wear labels for this type of suit seems to be gaining momentum, it’s now possible with the help of a good alteration tailor, to adjust the line and fitting of your suit.

According to Boyer, only men with exceptionally wide hips ought to avoid the double-breasted suit.

So forget about and bypass the so-called "rules" that restrict the DB suit to certain body types and let your eyes (for the line) and feel (for comfort and stance) be the judge, when you don your first double-breasted suit.

The strong return of DB suits, coats and jackets calls for a few pointers to help decipher the various ways to wear them. And this is the subject of this new episode of our Sartorial Talks below.

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