The surprising world of Riccardo Freccia Bestetti

The surprising world of Riccardo Freccia Bestetti


We have been following the work of Riccardo Frecci Bestetti very closely for some time now. This surprising and mysterious Italian cordwainer works from the small city of Vigevano, not too far from MilanThere is no doubt that Bestetti surprises. Case in point: just take a look at his creations that often infringe on the border with sculptural art and that, beyond tastes (and colour) considerations, can leave no shoe aficionado indifferent.

Of course, some shapes are far from being understated, to say the least. Nevertheless, the mind of any shoe lover (including yours truly) who has ever encountered de visu a bespoke Bestetti is still boggled… Like its eponymous founder (as well as his famous pierced cowboy boots), everything Bestetti has character: shapes (these breath taking eagle claw toes!), shanks, edges, of course, but also the leathers, patterns and finishes, combine in a feast of stylistic liberty that only Italians know to indulge in…

Bestetti is also mysterious, in more ways than one.First of all, his training: he apprenticed with a Texas (!!!) artisan boot maker specialized in traditional cowboy boots. Second, his impenetrable offer, that is difficult to decipher: is it bespoke? Is it MTO, handmade and based on existing lasts and patterns? These are apparently difficult questions to answer, but then again, does it matter? What is certain is that all these marvels are made exclusively by hand in a plentiful workshop of the greater urban Milan area, and that their price is particularly fair for such exceptional products (starting at approximately 2,200 euro for bespoke box calf and 3,000 euro for exotic leathers).

Until our exhaustive piece on this magnificent label, here is a first selection from the Bestetti shoe collection.

Consider yourselves warned! A good painkiller may be required to cure the dizziness these shoes may trigger, and maybe even a sedative to suppress the impulse to take the next flight to Milan…

Feast your eyes, gentlemen.

Cheers, HUGO

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