Surprising study reveals that 2 men out of 3 are “dressed” by the women in their lives

Surprising study reveals that 2 men out of 3 are “dressed” by the women in their lives


Today, we shall discuss the results of a surprising study by the “Style Pilot” website and relayed this morning in the Daily Mail. According to its results, it would show that the vast majority of men rely on the advices of their female companions when choosing what to wear.

The article explains that men consider themselves busy with supposedly more important daily tasks, mostly pertaining to financial or professional affairs, and do not feel “in charge” of their appearance, even less of all of their personal style.

This is why two men out of three rely entirely on the lady in their life to choose day wear, and 50% of them go as far as calling on to her for such things as tying the necktie! The study also shows that one out of ten men gets shopping advice from his mother (!) and one out of six from his mother-in-law (!!!), and that these men explain this state of affairs by its mere facility and ease...

Nevertheless, 20% of men admit that their style could use significant improvement, 12% that their lack of taste in clothing impedes their personal and professional life and 7% go as far as saying that they are uncomfortable in their clothing.

According to Style Pilot, the study’s main finding is that “many men really wish to dress better, but lack confidence in their own taste, and thus lack education in the matter.”

For us, the conclusion is clear: the almost exponential success of such unbiased websites as Parisian Gentleman are due to a proven need expressed by men to learn about style, and that more similar success stories are most likely on the way.

This is inspiring us even further to continue our work.  After all, it only takes a few basic principles to build one's style upon - and we do intend to continue promoting them.

Is men’s liberation on the horizon?

Cheers, HUGO

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