Elegance will save the world : Captain Classic

Elegance will save the world : Captain Classic

“Less is More” is the theme of the classic man.He believes in pursuing the best and rarely compromises personal standards. There is nothing plain about his appearance because he is crisp and polished and gives the impression that he can look fear in the face until it turns away.

The classicist embraces tradition and is a force to be reckoned with in his personal and professional life. There is only a select few frills in his wardrobe like jewelry and accessories, but there is an insatiable hunger for high grade fabrics and weaves, exceptional cuts, as well as an ongoing love affair between himself and the armful of the exquisitely made shoes that he owns.

Pure in form and substance, he emits balance and calm while saying yes to class, yes to intelligence, and yes to understanding the misunderstood power of correctness.

To begin expressing oneself as a classic man, it helps to reflect on a personality that you can relate to you like Grant, Cooper or Astaire and build your look from a combination of your own imagination combined with inspiration you gain from others. Read example of how to start a wardrobe HERE and HERE.

Let’s take a look at how Captain Classic has suited up.


The Captain’s suit is a three-piece Cesare Attolini chalk stripe suit with a double breasted waistcoat / vest made with rich blue English fabric. Beautifully handmade, the traditional cut creates a strong vertical silhouette. To further preserve the vertical flow of the silhouette, no belt is worn. The waistcoat with the pocket watch adds an air of vintage flair to the ensemble.

The striped Atollini shirt has stripes which are more narrow than the stripes on the suit. This is a great pattern combining technique: mix the same pattern IF the patterns are different sizes, e.g., narrow stripes mixed with wider stripes.


The grey cashmere necktie adds texture and creates interest to the ensemble. If you love classic style, you may have already discovered that the two most versatile pocket square colors can be (1) rust, and (2) yellow. While Captain Classic dons a violet/red Calabrese 1924 pocket square in the film, here he is featured in a Calabrese 1924 yellow pocket square which works brilliantly with the three-piece suit.

Our superhero’s shoes are from Milan’s very own Stivaleria Savoia. This pair of oxblood wingtip derby brogues brings to life most any suit and gives the total look a real boost.


Are you a fan of the classic style or do you lean towards another look?

If you appreciate the minimalist look of classic style, but are just starting out, consider building you primary wardrobe with:

1. A medium grey (single-breasted suit) in worsted wool

2. A medium blue suit (single or double breasted) in worsted wool

3. A blazer with metal buttons

4. Off-white casual trousers to wear with the blazer

5. A sports coat to wear with jeans or casual trousers

6. A good overcoat

7. Quality leather dress shoes

8. Three versatile ties (e.g., striped, solid, and a bright patterned tie)

9. Great (calf-length) socks

10. Suspenders / Braces


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