Suitsupply 2015 Spring / Summer Collection Preview

Suitsupply 2015 Spring / Summer Collection Preview

Suitsupply invited a worldwide press panel to visit the Ferla and Vitale Barberis Canonico Headquarters in Biella, Italy, for a tour of the mills and to preview the Suitsupply 2015 Spring/Summer Collection, which includes several new fabric choices.

Having the chance to see a fabric created from raw wool proved to be absolutely mesmerizing.`


To witness the various parts of the manufacture process is like seeing a raw diamond being polished and slowly transformed into a beautiful jewel by Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels. The level of automation demonstrated by the Vitale Barberis Canonico mill operation is outstanding and the vast operation in Biella is testimony to how the VBC business has grown over time to produce first-class quality fabric.

The pictures speak for themselves in terms of showing new fabrics and capturing the panel's intrigue with the collaborative effort between VBC and Suitsupply.


Further information on VBC can be found in PG's recent Vitale Barberis Canonico article (The Immortals of Cloth Making) about this wonderful company, owned and managed by real gentlemen.

In the PG's ready-to-wear brand review (HERE) published in April, 2014, Suitsupply is considered to be one of the best values around for the money.

Sometimes, successful companies like Suitsupply begin experiencing "delusions of grandeur" and soon after begin raising their prices in response to high demand--without enhancing the quality of the product. Thankfully, this is far from being the case with Suitsupply, who has maintained pricing with very few cost increases to the customer since the time of the company's inception.

The brand name is growing beyond European borders very fast with stores opening throughout the world, not to mention the Suitsupply online store (HERE).

While chatting with Suitsupply Vice President, Nishanta De Gruiter, I learned that a few new features are in the works to be added to their suits late this year. For example, handmade button holes will be introduced, but the additional work to craft the buttonhole will not increase the retail cost of the suit.

Some new fit options will also be introduced, making it virtually impossible not to find something that fits your body, regardless of your size or morphology. De Gruiter knows a thing or two about style---he worked for seven years with Brunello Cuccinelli. With such a background, De Gruiter has certainly transferred much of his expansive knowledge and good taste over to the Suitsupply organization as is evidenced by nice suit cuts, varying sizes, handmade features and a very good fabric selection.

The new collection demonstrates a solid understanding of the current renewal of men’s interest in well-designed suits with wider lapels, as is offered in the Havana line with features such as natural shoulders, patch pockets and double-breasted peak lapels. The Soho line emits an aura of power that can transform the average guy into Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. The fabric choices proves to be especially interesting, with a great mix of cotton, linen, wool, silk and mohair.

The collection was presented in a lovely Italian garden convincingly beautiful enough to make one believe that Suitsupply and VBC sourced their inspiration for fabric and suit design from this very oasis. Aside from the impressive sport coats and suits, there were coats, ties, and particularly amazing waistcoats made from “sprezzy” fabrics.

SS15 002 - copie
SS15 003 - copie
SS15 005 - copie
SS15 007 - copie
SS15 011 - copie

Most astonishing during the visit---a display of billboards boasting daring but harmonious combinations of shirt, suit and tie fabrics. Highly remarkable inspiration.


Although the new collection will not appear in store locations or online until the end of 2014, I will order quite a few items from this stirring new collection. Suitsupply is thus more than ever on PG’s radar and should answer the call from readers who are trying to find good suits and sport coats at an entry-level price.

For those who would like to build a versatile and more daring wardrobe or anyone interested in buying his first fully-canvassed suit for a confounding price starting at around 800 EUR (i.e., JORT collection), it's becoming hard to beat Suitsupply.

Bravo to the entire Suitsupply team for clever suit designs with extensive fabric choices, reasonable prices, and for the campaign for worldwide expansion of the brand. Quite impressive.

Paul Lux

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