Sartorial Talks, episode 4 : Know your shoes (2/3)

Sartorial Talks, episode 4 : Know your shoes (2/3)


we have the pleasure to inform you that the fourth episode of our bimonthly rendezvous, ‘Sartorial Talks‘, is now available on our Youtube Channel.

In this episode - the second of a mini-series of three, entitled ‘Know your Shoes’ - Sonya and I are focusing on the Derby style, its origins, its features and its different models (from the classic and sturdy outdoor Derby to the refined and sophisticated two eyelet Derby).

You can watch it below :

For those who speak French, you can also watch the French version on the French Youtube channel, as the French and English versions are not completely identical.

Once again thank you for your support and interest in Sartorial Talks. And please don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Cheers !

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For the gentlemen (and the ladies) who haven't subscribed yet to our YouTube channel and thus have missed the three first episodes of Sartorial Talks, please see below and enjoy !

Episode 1 : Preview of the book "The Italian Gentleman".

Episode 2 : The Sartorial Trips initiative (trunk-shows).

Episode 3 : Know your shoes part 1 : The Oxfords

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