SPIER AND MACKAY: The New Sensation of Affordable Classic Menswear

SPIER AND MACKAY: The New Sensation of Affordable Classic Menswear


Many of you may get the feeling that you have been “Suitsupply-ed” and “Boggi-ed” ad nauseam, and for good reason (they are great companies!).

After all, Suitsupply gave us the industry standard of numbingly good service, and Boggi gave us a Mecca in most every major airport to meet any suiting need at a moment’s notice. Both companies earned the reputation of making great clothes and delivering dependable service at easy-on-the-wallet prices which has made buying suits simple.As most of our readers know, we are prudent to a fault when recommending makers (whether they be bespoke, made to measure, or off-the-peg). This practice of an abundance of caution is an involuntary reflex. We simply do not want to associate our name with any maker unless we have a strong level of confidence in whom we are recommending. Sometimes we miss the mark, but the great majority of the time, we believe, with humility, that we get it right.

HOWEVER, today we want to pump some new blood into the field of quality, yet affordable suiting, and speak about the up-and-coming company: SPIER & MACKAY, a name which keeps resurfacing among sartorial minded fellows.

As summer winds down, it seems like a good time to share the news about SPIER & MACKAY, a great ready-to-wear suit crafter with exceptional quality/price ratio, based in Toronto, Canada, who in less than three years, has transformed into a sensation on sartorial forums like Styleforum or important Subreddits. For those familiar with these forums, where lively exchanges are the norm (particularly on Reddit, who is not known for its delicate diplomacy), you can appreciate the achievements of SPIER & MACKAY, who has managed to transcend the fussiness of the iGent group and earn respect as a brand enjoying record-speed reverence comparable to the few Goliaths in the industry.

Opening its doors in 2010, first as a shirt crafter and then launching in 2014 within the highly competitive market of suits, jackets, coats and trousers, the suiting division has quickly taken front and center position.

The founder of the brand and creative director, Rikky Khanna, says the debut of Spier & Mackay's saw a modest launch in 2014, starting with three selections available to "test the market": a navy blue model and two models in different shades of gray.

Mr. Khanna recounts that it took his team two good years to identify the correct manufacture (in a location which happens to be in same city in China as Suit Supply), fine-tune the house style (particularly successful in our opinion) and finally, set up a quality control on par with the Goliaths of the market.

Today, after two years of intense development, the brand has substantially expanded its range and collections. Inasmuch, it's fair to say that SPIER & MACKAY is among the best of brand offerings in terms of value for money. Thus, if you find yourself embarking in a situation like a new job or preparing for an important event, or have the impulsion to upgrade your look, and need a real suit at a reasonable price, SPIER & MACKAY can be a serious and reliable option.

To have a look (including garments on sale), see SHOP SPIER & MACKAY.

Jackets are available for around $300 (less on sale), half-canvassed suits are sold for about $350 euros, and quality trousers for $100, on average.

If SPIER & MACKAY has earned a position in the fairly-limited "hall of fame" club for exceptional suits for the money, it is for good reason:

  • All jackets are half canvassed (with quality horsehair canvasing from Italy).
  • Fabrics are sourced from quality fabric mills (e.g., Drago, VBC, Hardy Minnis).
  • All suit coats/jackets linings are sourced from Bemberg (Japan), a company known  for the solidity, lightness, comfort and breathability of its products.
  • The inside of the garments boasts full finishing with details typically found in high-end garments (e.g., horn buttons, half-moon (demi luna) reinforcement stitches at pockets and notably, "underarm" shields to protect clothes from perspiration—a crucial detail for men who, like yours truly, tend to sweat a lot and "mark" their beloved jackets).

While we perceive the quality of the garment to be very good for the price, the style factor weighs evenly in the equation.

The brand offers two types of aesthetically sound shoulders: one classic with a light padding and the other "Neapolitan style" without any padding, with a "su camicia" construction (shirt shoulder).

Lapel sizes range from moderate to generous and are well-proportioned with the overall silhouette (a welcome variation from extreme anorexic micro-lapels which tend to ruin the look of many otherwise-decent-suits from other brands).

The cut of the jackets, within this price range, is impressive with an active button well placed (i.e., the button stance") and attractive lapel rolls.

Finally, SPIER & MACKAY is about to launch an MTO (Made-To-Order) service which will allow you to customize your choice of fabric, style and cut, based on existing models. The MTO price will start at $498.00 for a two piece suit.

To the delight of many, SPIER & MACKAY will also be launching this fall, in partnership with the luxury fabric house John Cavendish, a collection of full-canvassed winter suits at the very competitive price of $698.00.

Shipping costs are free for orders over $100 and the return policy is, according to reviews, simple and effective.

In short, a house to test with confidence if you are considering a purchase this fall and a nice surprise in a decidedly booming menswear market.

With SPIER & MACKAY in place, we find no excuse to avoid welcoming the autumn in style, without hurting your bank account!

Cheers, Hugo

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For any information request: info@spierandmackay.com

Phone Support: + 1-877-85-SPIER / + 1-877-857-7437

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