Sartorial Talks #14 and #17 : How to Build a Wardrobe Step by Step

Sartorial Talks #14 and #17 : How to Build a Wardrobe Step by Step


episode #17 of our Sartorial Talks is online.

This episode is the second part of a series of three videos in which I share my personal experience on how to build a gentleman's wardrobe, step by step.

As you may know, we don't really like at PG  the "Do's and Dont's" approach that you can find anywhere on YouTube men's style channels. We believe much more in a less dogmatic way of presenting things as the sartorial path is an eminently subjective and personal subject.

However, as we have been studying and writing on the subject since almost a decade, we feel comfortable to share with you some advice and inspiration on the subject of building a serious wardrobe.

In Episode #14, entitled "Buying your First Suits", I share with you the way I started my own wardrobe with my first two suits.You can watch the episode below :

In Episode #17 (just released), entitled "The Three Piece Suit and the Sport Jacket", I focus on these two pieces of classic men's style and share with you why I think you should consider them as the third and fourth items in your closet. You can watch the episode below :

Our channels (Discussions Sartoriales in French and Sartorial Talks in English) are developing very well and we are happy to announce that we recently have broken the symbolic bar of one million views (1,1 million as I write these words) with a strong community of 27,000 loyal subscribers (progressing at an average rate of 500 to 600 new subscribers per week).

We would like take the opportunity with my team (Sonya, my beloved and talented co-Host, Greg our Post-Procution Director, Rich, our Director of Photography and Kevin our co-Producer and Sound Engineer) to thank you for your strong support and your loyalty.

Cheers, Hugo & team.

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