Royal return: Prince of Wales

Royal return: Prince of Wales


As you have probably not failed to notice, the Prince of Wales fabric (aka Glen Plaid) has been making a strong comeback in the past couple of years. Before then, it had become rare sight to spot a gentleman wearing such an elegant fabric, despite the almost infinite variations and possible combinations it offers.Of course, the return of this formerly obsolete motif goes hand in hand with the return of the double-breasted suit. Indeed, what better fabric for a beautiful double-breasted suit than a classic, traditional Prince of Wales check in Saxony Tweed ?

These days, we are witnessing a true frenzy surrounding the Prince of Wales pattern, that is branching out to all the possible elements of a men's wardrobe ; from neckties and shirts, to hats and casual sportswear shoes !

Such a revival is nothing short of delightful to us and those that truly fancy this elegant and subtle pattern.

Did you know that in the UK, unlike in Europe and in the United States, the Prince of Wales fabric is not seen as suitable for business environments, but rather for leisure and casual situations ?

Welcome back, Prince of Wales !

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Tom Ford

Cheers, HUGO

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