Q & A with PG Editors: On the subject of lapels

Q & A with PG Editors: On the subject of lapels

Hi Paul,

Would you recommend notch or peak lapels on a single-breasted suit with two buttons? I prefer peak lapels but I hear they’re more for double-breasted suits, or more casual suits with single buttons.


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Paul answered:

Dear Reader:

Choosing a lapel style is a matter of personal taste, your desire for versatility, and your ability to pull off a certain look. If you already have single-breasted suits with notch lapels in your wardrobe, then you may want to opt for a single-breasted suit with peak lapels.

Peak lapels are perceived as bolder and dressier and send a different message than notch lapels. Also consider the best look for the industry you work in before you make your final choice. In some very formal environments, peak lapels may be frowned upon until you reach a certain level in your company and earn the right to have all the flair you want.

I like peak lapels on single-breasted jackets a lot, and own quite a few:

paul & fabio

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2. Hi Paul,

How wide are your lapels usually? Also, Ill be taking a trip to London and Paris over the summer. Can you point me in the direction of some of your favorite shops?


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Paul answered:

Dear Anonymous,

The width of my lapels ranges from 8 to 9.5 cm wide.

As far as shops in London and Paris that I would recommend for your initial visit:


Drakes of London Haberdashery

Anderson & Sheppard

Chittleborough and Morgan

GJ Cleverley




Eglé bespoke

Jean Manuel Moreau

Husbands Paris




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3. Hello Paul,

I’ve seen these guys in the Pitti crowd…can you tell me about Sciamat?


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Paul answered:

sciamat brothers

Sciamat was founded by Valentino and his brother Nicola Ricci in 2002.

Dear Anonymous,

Sciamat does bespoke. They have a very strong image, identity and style, extremely large lapels and pronounced rope shoulders (very much). Whether you like this much flair is a question of taste. Most men either love the style or think that the silhouette is too exaggerated. I’ve seen things that I love and other things that are not to my taste.

Hugo has recommended Sciamat as a great choice for groom wear with flair:

sciamat groom

A Sciamat Tuxedo (Dinner Jacket)

Paul Lux

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