Planète Rasoir : Shaving Paradise in Paris

Planète Rasoir : Shaving Paradise in Paris

There are shops where you go for the warmth. You don’t go to buy something, really. You go to visit simply because it’s a feel-good boutique where you know you’ll discover, admire and learn new things. Such is the case at Planète Rasoir, a place devoted to shaving, blades, and men’s grooming products.

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Upon entering the shop, Frédéric Cany warmly welcomes clients. His store offers a close shave by an expert barber, and you can even learn how to use the infamous straight razor (a dying art) and experience the pleasure of the ritual of shaving. Advice is given liberally and you will discover an incredible selection of male grooming products.

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The shelves display a cornucopia of balms (donkey milk cream, organic soaps), swords of all sorts—Damascus steel, rosewood handles, Japanese kitchen knives, French Laguioles, safety razors… There are also Plisson shaving-brushes (the best in the world), and oils and combs for bearded or clean-shaven men.

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For shaving, expect to find classic British and Italian brands (Taylor of Old Bond Street, Crabtree and Evelyn, Proraso) but French artisans are first and foremost the most celebrated (Martin de Candre, Lames et Tradition, Osma). Products vary but only the best makes it into the shop selection, with a particular emphasis on organic concoctions.

Filled with scent of leather and wood, a virile and sophisticated atmosphere provides everything a man needs to nurture his skin, and I challenge you to find a more complete selection in this particular niche.

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The advice you receive here is directly correlated with rich experience in the field of shaving and skin care. The owner is knowledgeable, urbane and rightly proud to run a business which started in 1966, making it a shop of historical significance.

This boutique is a treasure trove filled with stories and personal consultations and is only a stone’s throw from someone you may be familiar with…neighbor and fellow story-teller Frédéric Costa of Howard’s at 45 rue d’Amsterdam who specializes in beautiful neckwear and shirts.

Like clothing, shaving is part of a gentleman’s daily arsenal. Pogonotomia is about skin care and the pleasure of shaving–an act you can’t escape, so why not try to shave in a style all your own?

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Planète Rasoir
58 rue de clichy 75009 PARIS

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