Marol for the Rake : revisiting Tuxedo and Safari shirts

Marol for the Rake : revisiting Tuxedo and Safari shirts

The Rake has launched a particularly distinctive online shop, featuring only special editions of sartorial items crafted in limited numbers by the best artisans in each domain of men's classical elegance.

Recently, The Rake and our friends at Marol have teamed up to conceive and design a few outstanding models to appeal to gentlemen who prefer classic garments "with a twist".

Denim Tuxedo shirt : breaking the rules

This model is a technical tour de force as well as a bold stylistic statement. Made with exquisite denim twill by Carlo Riva, this atypical "fusion shirt" features all the fine details of a dinner shirt (pleated front, French cuffs, Mother of Pearls buttons) with the incomparable comfort and sturdiness of a denim garment.

Probably one of the most versatile and creative, yet elegant shirts on the market today.

Marol full_studded_denim_tuxedo_shirt-1
Marol denim tuxedo shirt 2
MAROL full_studded_denim_tuxedo_shirt-2
Marol denim tuxedo shirt 1

Our own Parisian Gentleman photographer, Lyle Roblin, has propelled this particular style of shirt in the past, as an option to dress up or dress down most any ensemble. The more you wash and wear this type of shirt, the more beautiful it becomes.

lyle pleated shirt

Denim safari shirt : between a shirt and a jacket

This distinctive model, made with soft denim twill by Carlo Riva, is also about versatility: thick enough to be worn casually above a classic shirt as a light jacket, but also light enough to be worn alone as a refined shirt (with the option of hiding the second line of pockets when tucking-in the shirt). Brilliant!

Marol-denim-safari-shirt 1
Marol-denim-safari- rolled sleeves

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  • You can also visit The Rake E-Shop .

For our readers living in the UK, please note the next Marol trunk-show April 20th and 21st, at The Westbury Hotel, 37 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London.

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