"Ladies" : Parisian Gentleman's First TV Commercial

"Ladies" : Parisian Gentleman's First TV Commercial

This week, we celebrate PG’s 6th anniversary with the launch of our very first TV commercial !

This short movie, aptly titled “Ladies”, has been produced by the Milanese branch of the renowned agency DLVBBDO–and is the first-of-its-kind that has been commissioned by a Men’s Style website that began as a personal “blog”.

With “Ladies”, we aim to reaffirm our convictions and distinguish ourselves from colleagues of the written press who make it a practice to rehash the same stories, with predictable editorials and announcements, often with a lack of purposeful content that has become more and more apparent since their entry into the digital format.

With “Ladies”, Parisian Gentleman would like to say that Men’s Style and its pursuit, as we envision it, is not a frivolous matter. We believe that the quest for personal elegance touches on some of the most fundamental of human values, including self-respect, and that this pursuit is worthy of the journey to present our best-selves not only to society, but also within the realm of our personal lives.

Is has been a great endeavor (and a lot of hard work) to expound on the subject of expressing personal elegance with more than 1,000 editorials and stories published on this website for six years now. But today, with the help of this in-your-face film, we want to increase our efforts through broadcasting our rather intense message to an even broader audience across the world.

We wanted our first commercial to be different. We wanted the project to clash with preconceptions and normal expectations.

So we reached out to DLV BBDO in Milan, who rose to the occasion in a spectacular way, sparing no amount of panache and creativity . The agency indeed managed to translate our message from words into a stunning and unexpected short film that we hope will be a poignant reminder that Men’s Style is a subject that deserves more than a bland and flavorless presentation that is often found in the “specialized press”.

“A World Without Gentlemen, is a World Without Ladies” is not only a slogan for us…it transcribes with strength, humor, and perhaps even a small dose of courage, the very spirit of Parisian Gentleman.

If you enjoy this movie and if it makes you stop and question not only yourself, but also what it means to be a gentleman, then we ask you to share it as far and wide as possible. Help us spread the message across the world.

Today, more than ever, we believe that a good sartorial education can change your life… and that of your significant other too.

Below, you will find the official Press Release from DLV BBDO.




Parisian Gentleman, one of the world’s top websites about men’s style and sartorial excellence, has decided to tell its readers how important it is to be a true gentleman today with a film produced by DLVBBDO.

“We’re very happy to start working with DLVBBDO, because it is an agency that shares our spirit: gentleman outside, punk inside”, explains Hugo Jacomet, the exuberant founder and editor of Parisian Gentleman, who divides his time between Milan, Paris, New York and the world’s other capital cities.

The film, devised by copywriter Gennaro Borelli and art director Luca Iannucci, working under the creative direction of Federico Pepe and Stefania Siani, takes a sideways look at the subject of gentlemanly elegance and style.

The film was directed by Igor Borghi, who offered a smart and ironic approach to the idea, balancing the scenes – deliberately excessive and provocative – with an elegant style of shooting and a great eye for photography.

The production company is The Family.


Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe & Stefania Siani

Art Director: Luca Iannucci

Copywriter: Gennaro Borrelli

Account: Neli Mechenska

Producer: Tommaso Fajdiga

Director: Igor Borghi

Executive Producer: Stefano Quaglia

Producer: Tommaso Haimann & Alessia Pietromarchi

Director of Photography op: Gigi Martinucci

Editor : Lorenzo Colugnati

Grading : Claudio Beltrami@Band

Online : Band

Original Music : Flavio Ibba

Sound Design: Disc to Disc

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