Elegance will save the world : The Young Dandy

Elegance will save the world : The Young Dandy

A dandy cares about his physical appearance but also cares about refined mannerisms like the language he uses or how he spends his spare time. It can be said that a dandy pursues a cult of self and emits an air of nonchalance or “not a care in the world” attitude mingled with undeniable elegance.

Sure to catch the attention of others for his polished and unique style, a dandy usually has natural artistic abilities which transmit to how he dresses.

There are number of ways to express oneself as a dandy, but most and foremost is knowing what is a good fit and what is a bad fit in terms of clothing. A close fitted suit (without being tight) is the starting point of this particular style. What follows can be called “tamed glamour” in the way the suit presents itself.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how our young dandy superhero has suited up:Here the suit is tailor-cut by an established sartoria directly out of Naples, Italy : Sartoria Dalcuore. The young dandy’s suit is hand cut and sewn and the material used is a unique window pane design on a brown colored fabric. A choice which is sure to catch the eye for its unusual design. The material is not over-the-top and flamboyant, but instead specific and uncommon.


The shirt is a micro check design by Cesare Attolini in Naples. The micro check shirt is a top choice for this style category because the subtle pattern tends to allow accessories like bow ties and suspenders to shine without stealing their thunder.

As you can see, our superhero is not wearing a simple solid-colored bow-tie like many men who prefer bow-ties. Instead his bow tie, by Calabrese 1924, has a particular pattern that plays along with the suit and shirt patterns—a bow-tie pattern that compliments the other suit components, without clashing. To learn how to combine patterns, read this simple article entitled two quick rules for suiting pattern combining.


Suspenders are also worn as an accessory. In this case, the suspenders channel the past and gives a special ambience of days-gone-by.

Perhaps the strongest feature that gives us a clue that our superhero is a dandy, is the double pocket square. The art of pattern combining is taken to a new level by adding not just one, but two pocket squares together, one patterned in a vibrant blue and the front pocket square in a solid white with bronze piping, with both squares made by Calabrese 1924.


Now we come to the subject of the shoes. The monk strap shoe sounds particularly strapping in every sense of the word. At one time, the monks in Europe preferred this type of shoe because it was more protective than sandals, a history which adds a certain air of intrigue to this shoe type.As a very versatile shoe which can be single or double-strapped, the monk falls somewhere between a lace up Oxford shoe and a Derby shoe in terms of formality. Wear them with or without socks and you are sure to channel real flair and style.


These particularly beautiful double-buckle monks come from the boutique Stivaleria Savoia located in the city center of Milan, Italy, and has been referred to “Milan’s little gem” for their timeless shoes (see HERE).

Here you have the total dandy look to consider. Is it your cup of expresso, or do you prefer another path?

If you like the style of our young dandy, and are interested in taking the look further, here are 10 more suggestions for you to try:

1. The Hat. From the derby to the straw hat, find your signature hat and wear it with pride.

2. Lapel pins. Something unusual, like a dragonfly or skeleton skull lapel pin (or the likes) placed in the buttonhole of the lapel, can fit the dandy to a tee and create interest.

3. Hone Your Pattern Combining Skills. Study pattern combining until you are a guru and then blend patterns like a fine recipe.

4. The Pinky Ring. While most men can’t get away with this jewelry prop without looking pretentious, a dandy can carry off this wink of “old-money” without a hitch.

5. The Ascot Scarf. Learn to tie an ascot scarf and whenever you are without a more formal tie, wear the ascot beneath your unbuttoned shirt.

6. Expressive Socks. Common socks do not exist in your world. Select socks that are vibrant ad express your personality but don’t look like you are trying too hard.

7. An Unexpected Accessory. Whether a walking cane or one of the finest umbrellas, be associated with at least one unusual accessory.

8. Finishing the edges of suit coat lapels and sleeves with solid trim or 'piping' can add flair.

9. Polish, polish, polish. Polishing your shoes is your zen garden. Stay there often.

10. Brush, brush, brush. Other men may not own a suit brush, but you do. And you brush your suits after your wear them to remove dust and lint and keep them looking dandy-fresh.


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