Windowpane pattern : worth trying

Windowpane pattern : worth trying


Since the ubiquitous and gifted Tom Ford has brought back windowpane patterned suits in 2009 for a publicity campaign that was quite hard to miss (see above), the pattern is more and more often seen in quality ready-to-wear and made to measure collections, and of course, in bespoke.

From a historical point of view, this very particular pattern was, previously, most often used for sports jackets and casual styles, as seen in the examples below (Marc Guyot in MTM and Huntsman in Bespoke):

But recently, the windowpane pattern is more and more often seen on business or formal suits, adding an unquestionable dash of style to elegants’ ensembles.

Here are a few examples, picked here and there, from different labels.

Cesare Attolini

Paul Stuart

Steven Hitchcock Bespoke (courtesy of Rose Callahan)

Michael Andrews MTM (courtesy of « the style blogger »)

Timothy Everest MTM

Personally, I was long reluctant to full windowpane suits, because I found (and to some extent, still do) that windowpane trousers lack a little bit of understatement, while a windowpane sport jacket coordinated with a nice grey coloured flannel trouser is much more to my liking, because more understated.

But, after recently admiring several  windowpane suits (including from Attolini’s), I feel like I just might jump on the bandwagon in the future. It would seem that time has come to fling the windows wide open and let the light come in !Very exciting indeed.

Cheers, HUGO

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