Using Unconventional Colors with Your Suits and Jackets

Using Unconventional Colors with Your Suits and Jackets

Once you nail the basics of combining colors, it can be refreshing to get away from the habit of donning the exact same colors we all tend to gravitate towards in everyday outfits.

In referring to 'basic colors', I mean wearing the same usual suspects such as shades of navy, grey and burgundy.

When you decide to challenge the status quo of standard color selection, you may feel remorse at the thought of appearing as if you're screaming for attention by deviating from color norms---which can indeed be a result when wearing unconventional hues.

The outfit in these illustrations show some uncommon colors that can work for a typical business setting (green suit, teal accessories, dark red shoes and gloves), but in my opinion, still look about as restrained as any dark grey or navy ensemble! How is this accomplished?

The answer lies somewhere between selecting fabrics, textures and muted colors which are in harmony with each other and selecting items with toned-down, classic aesthetics.

Personally, I love how the teal accessories work with this shade of dark green as well as the light blue shirt.

One method I've resorted to quite often, is to tie a triple dimple knot (see opening photo) which allows the silk to drape more freely and as a result, touts the craftsmanship of a well-made tie. I think a knot like this looks especially nice with ties that have a vintage-vibe, like the one here.

The subtle golden-yellow spots in the tie connect well with the golden-yellow braces.

Oxblood Balmoral Oxfords from Vass can look amazing with dark green Holland & Sherry Crispaire fabric.

Items worn with this ensemble include a Ring Jacket Chesterfield coat, Vaatturiliike Sauma MTM suit and shirt, Drake's London ancient madder silk tie and wool silk pocket square, Viola Milano braces, Berg & Berg Merino wool socks and Vass made-to-order Balmoral Oxfords in Oxblood calf.

I hope you will experiment with different color combinations which aren't mundane and ordinary--and that you'll report your results here if you're compelled to do so.

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