Two Quick Rules for Suiting Pattern Combining

Two Quick Rules for Suiting Pattern Combining

Finally we can say that suits are no longer boring as more and more men are releasing their creative genius and dressing well in a way that rivals the sartorial flair of their female counterparts.

Use of pattern combining is a clever way to bring alive most any suit. And nowadays, the practice of pattern combining is almost expected from a man with a great sense of style.

For a recap of the two main guidelines for combining patterns, pay attention to:

1. Same Pattern = Different Size Scale

checks scaled differently

Note that the suit, shirt and pocket square all have checks, but each check pattern is on a different scale! Fantastic look.

2. Different Patterns = Same Size Scale

different patterns same scale

Here, notice how the different patterns on the shirt, tie and pocket square are kept on the same size scale.

By using these two simple formulas for pattern combining when putting together a suit ensemble, you can unleash your creativity with a little more ease, and you may be surprised to see some unexpectedly good results in the process.

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