The wonderful world of Ephtée

The wonderful world of Ephtée


Today, spotlight on Ephtée (which we discovered ourselves through Anthony Delos), a house founded in 2000 in Bordeaux by Franck Tressens that is perpetuating the traditional skills of trunk-making through absolutely breathtaking creations.

What makes this traditional malletier so special is that he also is a true shoe lover. His passion for well-made footwear (and his great cobbler culture in general) is obviously a source of great inspiration for talented Franck Tressens, that naturally lead to the creation of the wonderful trunks – custom-made, of course – that we are pleased to present today.

Beware, a good painkiller is recommended, as these beauty may induce a severe headache in the most passionate amongst us...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ephtée !

Trunk with a capacity of 30 pairs of shoes with polishing tray

Trunk with a capacity of 14 pairs of shoes, with watch and pen slots, glazing moulds and swivel polish bench

Polishing cabinet case: 12 pairs, 2 trees.

Polishing box

Polishing seat

Polishing rug

To get even more of an eyeful, follow the link to this gorgeous label: MAISON EPHTEE

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