Back from Savile Row

Back from Savile Row


we just returned from a four-day trip to Savile Row during which we had the honor to participate in the "Bespoke Tailors Benevolent Association" (BTBA) dinner, at the invitation of Anda Rowland (Anderson & Sheppard) and Michael and William Skinner (Dege & Skinner), of whom we warmly thank.

As always, the stay in London was intense and exciting, but above all else, we wish to pay tribute to the community of Bespoke Tailoring in London, whose actions to defend their craft and to take care of each other is a profound example of the spirit and compassion that exists in this community.

I could not help thinking several times during this wonderful and very friendly dinner at the BTBA, how this type of event would be useful in France or Italy, to celebrate and promote the tailoring trade which is more than ever confronted with major challenges such as the training of the tailors and cutters of tomorrow.

The BTBA Charity Dinner is organized twice a year in order to raise funds to support British tailors who are having economic difficulty or have experienced a crisis or accident in life. And we can say that the impressive turn out of the majority of Savile Row houses at this BTBA event is nothing short of inspiring.

Finally, we were particularly impressed with the growing number of young people (including, arguably, more and more young women), both at the BTBA dinner, and on the Row itself. There is an electricity in the air that can be felt, and we detected an undeniable passion in the eyes of this young generation...

All in all, we can't help but feel optimistic about the future of British Tailoring.To be continued...

Cheers, Hugo

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