The New Lanieri Full Canvassed Suit: A Reader’s Review

The New Lanieri Full Canvassed Suit: A Reader’s Review

Today we are pleased to share a report by one of our young readers from the Lille region, Sasha Leboeuf, who has tested for PG Lanieri's first fully canvassed suit ever offered by the brand.

It is not our intention to explain once again the benefits of a canvassed suit, but if you are not familiar with this concept, we invite you to look over this article (published on PG a few years ago) which remains completely relevant!

We hope you can sit back and enjoy reading about Sasha Leboeuf's experience with Lanieri, as we are seeing an incredible upsurge in interest of suiting among men in their 20s. This is a phenomenon the mainstream media has completely missed so far, and a great story to follow in the near future.


by Sasha Leboeuf

Lanieri makes made-to-measure clothing and tailored blazers and suits. I did not personally know the brand before the PG team offered me the chance to test out Lanieri’s very first offering of fully canvassed suits, and write an honest report about my impressions.So I made introductions by email with the Lanieri staff and then traveled to Paris to see their workshop in the Rue du Pré aux Clercs.


Once I arrived at Lanieri in Paris, I realised  that all the suits were made strictly in Italy, with all the fabrics sourced from the best Italian mills like Zegna, Loro Piana, VBC, and Drago. Even the style of the suits appeared very clearly transalpine.

I was introduced to several beautiful fabrics and I quickly focused on the Zegna Cobalt Blue Biella (a fabric with a very beautiful blue tone).

Despite Lanieri's different options for suit styles, I had no doubt that I wanted to try the double-breasted suit.

So I chose a double-breasted 6 on 2 (six buttons with two working buttons). I found the cut of the double-breasted version to be highly interesting, even if it could be a bet whether Lanieri could make the style work for me or not. Perhaps it would not be so easy to achieve a balance between a contemporary rendering for someone my young age, with details from traditional and more old-fashioned know-how?

In the Lanieri Parisian salon, there seemed to be a heavy focus on offering the widest (even wildest) possibility of material choices, colors and combinations. It is easy enough to find yourself hesitating between horn or mother of pearl buttons, or between different stitching on the lapel or lining which may be more, or less, discreet.

And even if you come with a definite idea of ​​the future garment you want to realise, it is highly likely that thanks to the wise advice and the multitude of choices that are offered in the workshop, you will end up with a suit different from your original expectations (and much more personalized).

Once all the customizations are chosen - the side adjusters on the pants, the felt of the back of the collar, or the shape of the shoulders - we proceed to take measurements.

After measurements, there is the fitting of a "standard" size jacket to observe the movements of the fabric due to the gesture and the individual posture. This small detail - which is not actually small - gives information to the manufacture whom will make the suit to match your morphology with the suit, with the idea to get the sleeve pitch right and avoid problems like a poor fit or a collar gap.

Lanieri was also attentive to my preferences to extend the jacket so the end of the jacket falls at the grasp of my hands when my arms are extended, as well as bringing the waistline of the trousers a bit higher than the norm.

These changes allow you to get a very personal garment that really does « suit you ».


The delivery time was more than reasonable, and I received my suit in little more than a month.

When my suit arrived at the shop, I went to Paris for the final fitting.

During this fitting, Lanieri proposed to make all the necessary alterations in order to reach a perfect fit. In my case, just a few adjustments needed to be done on the trousers.And here I am now, the proud owner of the first full-canvassed suit of my life !

The sensation is unique. The difference with half-canvassed jackets for example, is flagrant. The first time you acquire a full-canvas suit brings a little revolution in your wardrobe. All your previous suits feel like they are from another era. They can still have a certain charm, but now you feel something is missing in terms of drape and quality.

The options available for the trousers were excellent. I was able to add two deep pleats at the front, as well as side adjusters. I am fully satisfied with this Lanieri suit. It gives me a great ease of movement while keeping what I think is a flawless drape. Moreover, the Cobalt Blue from Zegna is a beautiful fabric which reflects well against the light. I find this shade of blue also has the advantage of being more discreet after dark.

In short, the entire experience was a very good experience for me, both on a human and on a sartorial level. The meetings and the discussions with an involved staff (including some real connoisseurs) greatly enriched the process of making the suit.Lanieri succeeded on its bet on delivering a great full canvassed double-breasted suit which matched my personality. The attractive price is a plus, and I received what could be rated as a very good level of service.A warm thank you to the PG team for allowing me to make this unique experience!

Sasha Leboeuf

- - -

The "full-canvas" suits are available in all LANIERI workshops in six different "four seasons" fabrics and currently benefit from launch discounts:

  • 20% on two Carlo Barbera fabrics: 1,116 euros.
  • 10% on two Zegna fabrics: 1,255 euros.
  • 10% on two Loro Piana fabrics: 1,255 euros.

For more information, any kind of request or to make an appointment, write an email to or visit

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