The Ideal Garment Bag ?

The Ideal Garment Bag ?


We're finally back home after a pretty intense bout of travel during which we took no less than eight flights over the course of ten days, and our trusty suits were of course part of the trip. As many of you know,  it is very stressful to take along suits on a plane, as you must constantly fight the flight attendant's urge to roll your jacket into a ball to make way for additional storage space with as much care as if your suit coat were a hoodie pullover.

I must admit to having developed a bona fide case of neurosis from watching how the cabin crew treats suits in general --- especially when one is not lucky (or wealthy) enough to travel in business class, where a few low quality hangers might be available on long-distance flights.

And I did try all the methods, formulas, techniques and products available on the market to little avail, unfortunately… that is, until a few weeks back when I got my hands on what might be the most surprisingly affordable and well-conceived garment bag on the market.

This very ingenuous piece of design was conceived by Matteo Novello (see interview here), a young Italian designer in charge of bags and leather good at the Suitsupply headquarters in Amsterdam.

This garment bag is available in a few different models ---from the 1-suit version to the 2 suits version, both available in a finish of leather & canvas or leather & flannel. The pressure button and leather strap system is particularly well-conceived, giving your suits another (very welcome) layer of protection for the most extreme situations.

The leather is rigid enough to keep its shape, even with a heavy suitcase set on top of it, as might happen in crowded overhead compartments. The cotton and flannel version is of very good quality as well.

From €249, this bag offers a highly satisfying quality-price ratio (in our opinion, the best in the current market by far), and will probably accompany me around the sartorial world for a fair amount of time...

A PG favorite indeed.

Cheers, HUGO

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Official site : Suitsupply Suit Bag

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