Sartorial Talks : the Youtube channel of classical men's style

Sartorial Talks : the Youtube channel of classical men's style


today is a special day for our team as we have the joy to announce the launch of our Youtube channel dedicated to men's elegance : Sartorial Talks.

This Youtube channel is one of our biggest projects of late, requiring enormous energy, time and work with a professional production crew, in order to finally see the light.

We sincerely hope that you'll appreciate Sartorial Talks, and that this channel will become one of your favorites on Youtube.

The goal of this channel is not only to discuss our common passion for men's elegance, for tailoring, for shoes and for the bespoke culture, to update you on the news of our domain, and to share with you the discovery of new houses or artisans, but also to eventually become a live broadcasting platform for our lectures and events around the world.

Thus Sartorial Talks is an ambitious and long-term initiative for which we need your support and feedback. Please don't hesitate to grant us a few thumbs up if you are inclined (or suggestions for improvement) -- either directly on the Youtube Channel or here on PG.

Sartorial Talks is already available in French and in English (each episode is filmed in both languages) and we request that you kindly immediately subscribe to both channels to help us take off in the Youtube environment.

The first episode, that you can watch either below or directly on Youtube, is dedicated to a preview of my upcoming book "The Italian Gentleman".

We thank you from the heart, in advance, for your support and for your subscriptions to both the French and the English channels. We need you more than ever!


Hugo, Sonya, Greg all the team at Sartorial Talks.

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Sartorial Talks on Youtube in English : Sartorial Talks

Sartorial Talks on Youtube in French: Sartorial Talks (Discussions Sartoriales)

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