Sartorial Talks, Episode 5 Know your Shoes (3/3)

Sartorial Talks, Episode 5 Know your Shoes (3/3)


we have the pleasure to inform you that the fifth episode of our bimonthly rendezvous, ‘Sartorial Talks‘, is now online on our Youtube Channel.In this episode – the last of a mini-series of three, entitled ‘Know your Shoes’ – Sonya and I are focusing on the Ankle Boot and Loafer styles.

You may watch the episode below :

For those who speak French, you can also watch the French version on the French Youtube channel, as the French and English versions are not completely identical.

See below :

In the next episodes we will share with you how we are planning to take Sartorial Talks to the next level in terms of quality. Our - ambitious - objective is to become the YouTube channel of reference for sartorial updates and bespoke lifestyle.

If you enjoy the Sartorial Talks program, please subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and your support.

Cheers !

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