Sartorial Talks Episode 16 : Q/A with Hugo Jacomet

Sartorial Talks Episode 16 : Q/A with Hugo Jacomet


Episode #16 of Sartorial Talks is online on our YouTube channel.

With this episode, we inaugurate a new series of Q/A with our viewers and subscribers. So please, if you have a specific question to ask us, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail at and we'll select a couple of your questions to be answered during special episodes.

In this first Q/A session I try to answer two questions, one easy to answer; and another one (much) more controversial :

The first question may be the one we are asked most often : How do I begin my own style journey ? I try to answer this vast question with simple and easy-to-work-with ideas.

The second question is about the "sartorial community" (and especially the "Pitti People") and all the noise around so-called influencers or, even worse, self-appointed public figures who most of the time have bought as many as hundreds of thousands of fake followers (for a few hundred dollars) and who are fooling the public, the media and the brands. We know at PG what it takes to build a 250 000+ real sartorial community on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc.---not only quality content, but also real time interaction to build relationships and a lot of consistent hard work.

This 'problem' is now in every discussion within our community and no-one we know of so far has mustered the courage to publicly express him or herself on this global scam. Thus, we decided with Sonya, to tackle this explosive subject once and for all, and to plead for more integrity and honesty in the corrupted world of social media. We even launched a new hashtag on Instagram : #APF (Against Purchasing Followers) which you can now find in the famous Urban Dictionary (see below) :

We are aware this stance is not appreciated by many (who are precisely buying fake followers), including famous magazines and brands. But we feel the truth should be said out loud, since this global lie is becoming ridiculous and is not only confusing brands, but also corrupting relationships between people.

We hope you'll appreciate this new episode and if you do, please don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Cheers, Hugo

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