The QILIAN sport jacket by Cifonelli: A piece from far away

The QILIAN sport  jacket by Cifonelli: A piece from far away


As usual, we are delighted to show you the very last creation of the tireless Lorenzo Cifonelli, undoubtedly one of the most passionate (and captivating) tailors in the world. We have often been surprised by the clever blend of great tradition and boldness expressed by the rue Marbeuf cousins, who have dazzled us with, among others, especially well styled sport jackets executed with breath taking precision and skill.

Today, we are featuring an exceptional jacket, exceptional as much for its fabric as for its startling cut. It was also given a name for far away : QILIAN.

The jacket is made of yak wool. The yak is a large animal grazing the high Tibetan plateaus, whose wool has unique thermal properties and fabled suppleness. This rare fabric is produced by a sustainable Tibetan workshop (Norlha) using ancestral harvesting and weaving techniques that had, until now, only been used to make very high end stoles, scarves and blankets (available at Arnys for example). A few ready-to-wear manufacturers, especially of women’s garments, have started making coats and jackets with this surprisingly soft, warm and sturdy fabric a few years ago.

Cifonelli has decided to take a chance and create the prototype of a bespoke sport jacket made entirely of yak wool, which we are pleased to be the first to show the photos of.

As you can see, the cut of this gorgeous jacket is very particular, with its very wide notchless lapels, no less than 5 active buttons to wear the jacket in a variety of ways. Also it is assembled in only one piece on the inside and has finishing details worthy of the Cifonelli reputation, namely bellows patch pockets with flaps, and very high level handiwork.

Needless to say, this is a character piece with a lot of attitude. But for having had the opportunity to touch and even try on the prototype, I must admit that, once again, I am very impressed with the comfort, line and versatility of this bespoke piece that is literally out of this world.

Once again, very beautiful work.

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