Q & A with PG editors : What type of shirt collar should I buy?

Q & A with PG editors : What type of shirt collar should I buy?

Hi Paul, I really like the collar on the Luxire shirt you’re wearing on your most recent posts. I’m a Luxire customer as well. I’d appreciate it if you can provide me with some details on the collar. What collar is it?

Thanks in advance.



Dear periodicreview,

This is probably the most reoccurring question that I’ve had for months !

To get directly to the point, I only use two types of collars with the Luxire brand:

1. An English spread with 3.5” collar wings:


2. A button-down with 3.5” collar wings based on the “Barba shirt” button-down collar. Sometimes, I like a nice S-shape roll on my button-down with a slightly longer collar wings. Other times, I prefer a perfectly straight button down collar:

paul button down

I would add  that the collar wings should be long enough to ensure that the wings on the collar remain under the jacket lapels. This is of utmost importance to me to preserve the visual flow of the entire suit.

Some further notes:

If you’re wearing a waistcoat, then you may want to wear a wider shirt collar, since the front opening on a jacket with a vest is often wider than the norm, depending on your preferences and your tailor.

This can create the annoying situation when your entire shirt collar ends up showing, finding it impossible to tuck your standard-sized shirt collar under your waistcoat.


With more narrow collars that are impossible to tuck under your jacket lapel, pin them down firmly with a collar-pin, as if the collar were glued to your shirt.

paul collar pin

In situations when you can’t find the right shirt collar, a good go-to is the wide-spread shirt collar to solve almost any troublesome situation.

A widespread collar is even known to diminish the appearance of a slight collar gap.


Paul Lux : http://paul-lux.tumblr.com

Luxire shirts official site : http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts


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