Q & A with PG editors : how to start a wardrobe

Q & A with PG editors : how to start a wardrobe

Hi Dirnelli,

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on starting a wardrobe for someone beginning a career in an office environment where a jacket and tie are required (i.e., suits for visiting clients, and at least sport coats for the office).

If you have covered this in the past, please forgive the redundancy.

Thank you,


Dear Anonymous,

I have not covered this, but the internet is full of definitive advice on this topic, I’m not sure what I could add that hasn’t already been said.

Still, I’ll give it a go:

* Always choose fit above all other considerations.
* Better to wear a fused suit that fits perfectly rather than a fully canvassed one that doesn’t.
* Always prefer timelessness over fashion.
* Always choose value over branding. (Hint: Forget the name and focus on the quality…value is what’s left long after price is forgotten.)

Perhaps you were looking for more straightforward answers, such as have one blue blazer, one gray suit, three blue shirts, one white shirt, one striped shirt, and one pair black shoes, etc…?

Sorry, but the ideal starter wardrobe depends on personal taste and I feel it is ill-placed to advise.

There are some basics every guy should own, but they are just too basic to bother mentioning.

Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a black suit is the one of the go-to basics to own first. Black is not a great color for business suits, despite what most French ad execs believe.

Best of Luck,


Anonymous answered:

I can’t dress as nice as you due to monetary constraints, but I will continue to follow to gain inspirations.

Dirnelli replies:

Second-hand clothing costs next to nothing. Rich folks donate amazing pieces classic menswear to charity thrift shops everywhere.

Ebay is a treasure trove of thrifted grail finds at bargain basement prices.

There are lots of other solutions for penurious sartorialists — follow http://brokeandbespoke.tumblr.com to get more ideas. If only dressing well were a question of money…the pursuit to be elegant would be more easily defined.

No, dressing well is more an education of the eye. By reading up on classic menswear you will be able to dress well on a budget…I guarantee it.

However, if you only want to buy new, then SuitSupply has a twice-yearly online outlet sale that may be your best option.

Be warned though: better a hand-me-down suit that fits extremely well, rather than a brand new suit that doesn’t.


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