Pini Parma: A Name to Know for True and Accessible Italian Quality Suits

Pini Parma: A Name to Know for True and Accessible Italian Quality Suits


At PG and Sartorial Talks we have been following, for more than a decade, the evolution of our "niche" (i.e., the progression of classic masculine style), and have our eyes and ears open to discover young houses and young sartorial entrepreneurs worthy of interest in terms of quality, style and of course, value for money.

We can say for at least five or six years, the number of new entrepreneurs in the sartorial universe has literally exploded and more and more young gentlemen have decided to make their dream come true and open a boutique dedicated to quality men's garments.

This is fantastic news of course, but it can be also double-edged, because with such a progressing number of new brands (especially in the MTM field) it becomes difficult, even for those who are highly-experienced, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Along with Sonya and my team, we browse hundreds of jackets and suits weekly to "keep a finger on the pulse" of our market and try not to miss any nuggets.Today, it is precisely a sartorial nugget which we want to reveal: Pini Parma, the young and extremely promising Parisian brand of 100 percent made-in-Italy ready-to-wear, made-to-order and made-to-measure garments.

Pini Parma has been founded by Thomas Pini (Parmesan of origin and Parisian by adoption) in 2017. It must be said that what Thomas Pini managed to achieve in less than two years, beginning with an online store (Pini Parma), followed by a pop-up store, is in all points, remarkable. He now has established a permanent store a stone's throw from the Champs-Elysées: a comfortable, elegant and spacious boutique which renders Italian elegance, good taste and what I would call a true Italian "science of fit" which even I (being especially sensitive about the topic, after realizing about 30 bespoke projects) have been surprised to discover when sampling the suits of Pini Parma.

Today the brand is escalating in creating a lot of (excellent) noise outside of the French borders, and the word about the brand is quickly circulating among classic style lovers and for good reasons :

  • The attractive style of the collection and the (very) reliable taste of owner Thomas Pini is close to irresistible, particularly if you're looking for alternatives to the big brands sector (e.g.,  Corneliani, Pal Zileri or Canali) for a price 30 to 60 percent lower, at similar or even better quality.
  • The undeniable quality of each Pini Parma garment (from half canvas to full canvas) featuring a lot of sartorial details rarely seen in this price bracket.
  • The quality/price ratio. Thomas Pini has decided to offer one of the best values for money on the market, crafting solely in Italy with order volumes controlled according to his ability to meet a growing demand, while at the same time remaining fair in regard to profit margins. This control of inventory means, in the short term, that you must act in a timely way to ensure your orders can be fulfilled. We fully expect this company to see growth beyond expectations, if the price/quality ratio remains similar to what it is today.
  • A stellar quality of service (whether online or at the boutique) with a close to flawless return policy and, all-in-all, a fantastic customer experience.

We have the pleasure to share with you a few of our selections within the current collection.

Attention: all the photos in this article are "clickable" and point directly to the product in the online store of Pini Parma to receive further information about the garment.

1- This beautiful Saharian jacket, extremely versatile and elegant for the summer (€550)

2- This wonderful light blue summer sports coat in a blend of wool, silk and linen (€450)

3- This very interesting and very well-cut double-breasted light grey summer sports coat (€495)

4- This luxurious brown suit with a Prince of Wales pattern from the top-of-the-line Soragna capsule  collection (€750).

5 - Or this impeccable blue business suit (€750) with wonderful peak lapels and a quality of cut on par with many garment from big brands whose suits are sold at a much higher price.

Not to mention those exquisite summer trousers (click the images for full description):

Thus, we at PG believe Pini Parma is a real nugget which is becoming challenging to surpass within its quality bracket—whether you're a young professional looking for your first "real" suit or a more seasoned gentleman needing to complete his wardrobe by adding a beautiful Italian ready-to-wear suit, precisely cut and manufactured.

More recently, Pini Parma is offering Made-to-Order suits (and may be, to my knowledge, one of the few houses to do so in Paris) : MTO means that, based on a model you like, you can customize your garment in terms of fabrics and finishing. If you want to find out more about this new service, please send an email at (stating that you are writing on behalf of Parisian Gentleman) or even give a WhatsApp call to Thomas Pini at : +33 777775018

In short, Pini Parma is one of our most beautiful discoveries of recent years and we can only encourage you to visit the physical store (in Paris) or the online store (Pini Parma) and make yourself (really) happy without being too hard on the wallet (good news for those of you with a concerned wife !!).

Once again, before ordering, and to make the most of Thomas Pini's highly trained eye (he worked years for Boggi), as well as his excellent service, we strongly invite you to send an e-mail to and mention this article on Parisian Gentleman for VIP attention, in order to validate your choices in terms of models and sizes and benefit fully from the expertise of the fair and wise founder of this very interesting new brand.


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