PG Selection: HOLDALL bag by the Maison Moynat (Paris)

PG Selection: HOLDALL bag by the Maison Moynat (Paris)


As you are undoubtedly aware of, the Maison Moynat, famous maker of trunks and travel accessories founded in 1849 and gone to latency in the seventies, has risen from its ashes. Last December, it opened a very beautiful retail point on Rue Saint Honoré (officially the historical turf of Parisian trunk makers).

Very recently, we have had the opportunity to discover its post-revival work, including their (new) first line of leather good for men.

We will shortly publish a detailed feature on this “young historical” label that is still only at the early stages of its second life, yet enjoys a very rich style heritage.

For now, let us introduce the beautiful bag, created by the very talented and inspired Moynat designer (and Hermès alumni) Ramesh Nair. Both versions (city and travel) of this magnificent piece are a top notch introduction to the style of Moynat:  of discreet and refined lines, and made with noble materials.

Original model (1905 catalogue)

City bag

Travel bag

Undoubtedly a thing of beauty.

Long life to Moynat!

Cheers, HUGO

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