A Japanese-Inspired Bespoke Sport Jacket by Cifonelli

A Japanese-Inspired Bespoke Sport Jacket by Cifonelli


We are happy to reveal a sneak preview of a unique bespoke sport coat created by the tireless and passionate Lorenzo Cifonelli.

The jacket, apart from the fact that it is a high-level sartorial piece, is particularly original and proves that traditional sartorial art and original style can go hand-in-hand.

This model is referred to as NARA, and is Japanese inspired. The flannel jacket is cut slightly shorter than usual (I tried on a prototype and found the shorter length to be a surprisingly nice effect).

The cut is markedly cinched at the waist, and the lapel is narrower than the signature Cifonelli lapel, with a unique cut that is lightly peaked, yet similar in proportions to that of a notched lapel.

This very fitted, one button jacket has three pockets on the right side (i.e., two pocket flaps and one contrasting besom pocket), along with high-handed embroidery work on the right lapel -- a tone on tone subtle display of the Japanese word Kanji , meaning Love.

A discrete jacket with high-level finishing and beautiful lines. Once again.

Cheers, HUGO

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