Parisian Gentleman Turns Eight !

Parisian Gentleman Turns Eight !

Dear Readers and Friends,

January 27th marked the eighth anniversary of Parisian Gentleman, which began in 2009 as a simple personal blog with the publication of a short introductory French article - which you can view below (if the French text interests you).

Eight years later, PG is still alive and well, with a worldwide faithful readership which keeps growing with each passing day - all this in spite of many predicting a quick death to blogs and the new media covering the 'luxury industry' (predictions from the same crowd who would not have bet a dime on us back when we started).

In the eyes of critics, we've been viewed as harmless eccentrics obsessed with Milanese buttonholes. Later, skeptics tagged us as part of a bloggers fad, which would die out within a year or two. Later, we became old news, vestigial, a relic of the past who would certainly cave under the Instragram Tsunami and the up-and-coming-blogless-bloggers...with a dim outlook for our longevity since viral photos were sure to take precedence over written content.

After 1615 articles published (around two million written words) and after hosting numerous live Parisian Gentleman events, we're still here as passionate as ever and resolute to show that style and substance can, and indeed should, go hand-in-hand.

Thank you for your loyalty and support to Parisian Gentleman.

Merci pour votre fidélité, pour votre soutien et pour votre attachement à Parisian Gentleman.

Hugo, Sonya, Greg and the (amazing) PG contributor team

Opening Picture© Andy Julia

Hugo et Greg
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