Paris & Moynat, by Andy Julia

Paris & Moynat, by Andy Julia

We’ve been among the first to support Moynat’s relaunch back in 2011. The legendary Parisian trunk-maker, originally founded in 1849, impressed us with its new collection of men’s bags designed by the talented Ramesh Nair – available at the new flagship store on Rue Saint Honoré in Paris.

Rising-star PG photographer Andy Julia was then among the first to capture images of the famous “Limousine” briefcase, particularly notable for its concave shape, a direct call-back to the shape of the house’s historical leather trunks for automobiles. Among the brand’s many iconic products photographed by Andy, we could also mention the discreet “Holdall” city bag, the superb travel bag “Pauline” or the surprising “Paradise” bag with its unique outline.

In keeping with this tradition, we’re happy to present this exclusive preview of Andy Julia’s latest photoshoot for PG and Moynat, shot on the roof of famous “Café de la Paix” in Paris, right in front of France’s national opera house.

2015 ended as it began for Paris – in tragedy. And though our beloved capital still mourns the tragic events of the past month, Andy Julia’s superb pictures serve as a reminder that Paris is still unique, sublime and, above all, immortal.

And Moynat fits her like a glove.

Below, you’ll find – in the following order – pictures of :

– The “Ballerine” bag and its brass handle

– The “Limousine” briefacse

– The “Holdall” bag in both “city” and “travel” variations

– The “Holdall” clutch bag

– The “Poursuite” saddlebag

– The “Mosaïque” notebook and its leather cover, with leather cover art.

To fully appreciate the visual quality of these pictures, featuring famous designer/nose Ben Gorham, click on each thumbnail photo to see an enlarged version of each shot :

Moynat Sac Ballerine 2
Moynat Sac Ballerine détail
Moynat Sac Ballerine 1
Moynat Limousine 1
Moynat Limousine pack shot extérieur
Moynat Limousine détail
Moynat Limousine 3
Moynat Holdall 1
Moynat Holdall 3
Moynat Holdall 4
Moynat Holdall Packshot extérieur
Moynat Holdall Clutch
Moynat besace poursuite
Moynat Mosaique
Moynat Mosaique Couverture et Carnet
Moynat Mosaique couverture et carnet 2
Moynat Paris End Picture

Pictures © Andy Julia for Parisian Gentleman and Moynat Paris. All rights reserved.

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