Moynat Paris’ Limousine: the Rolls Royce of suitcases?

Moynat Paris’ Limousine: the Rolls Royce of suitcases?


A few weeks ago, we published our first short article on Moynat, a famous trunk maker and retailer of travel accessories, after it arose from its ashes to the greatest delight of the many lovers of crafted trunks and exceptional nomadic paraphernalia.

On rue Saint-Honoré, a stone’s throw from the Place Vendôme, Moynat has set expectations high with the unprecedented wealth of archives it has inherited. The promising malletier has started to present dribs and drabs of what we can only qualify as refined and exclusive works of trunk making art.

Today, let us feast our eyes on an exceptional trunk, exclusively made on special order due to the complexity and time required to create it, as well as the nobility of its materials. The Limousine is available in three sizes : briefcase, business case or suitcase.

The defining element of this trunk is its beautifulshape, with curves made so that it would fit on the roof of vehicles. This legacy model was first designed by Moynat in the early 20th century.

All these exceptional trunks are made to order by the house malletier,  who is part of the "Compagnon du Devoir" fellowship, a French ring of high-level artisan and apprentices.

Each piece is made by hand using lots of different time-honored techniques ; their creation entails, among other things, the painstaking and delicate working of the notoriously lightweight poplar wood to fashion a specific waterproof trussed-bottom cask.

Making the cask and then dressing the case require several dozen hours of work, followed by highly refined finishing touches: extremely close studding (every 8 mm) using specially made brass tips, two-needle waxed linen saddle stitch on the handles, bees waxed polished slats and wall to wall hand stitching.

And there is more: the sheath is made of traditional vegetable-tanned leather, while the inside is lined with gorgeous twill weave cotton.

The engraved massive brass hardware follows the model of the lever clasp patented by Moynat in March 1911, completed with the Moynat lock, also patented.

The significant benefit of these locks is that the (very) lucky owner of several Moynat pieces can use the same key to open them all!

All this amounts to sumptuous cases that beautifully exemplify the highest level of French know-how with mind blowing work on ergonomics. I was personally able to appreciate, beyond the visual appeal of the historical curvature, how comfortable it is to carry a case designed to leave the movement of your legs unhindered, rather than bumping against them. It is a surprising feeling, which makes the whole object all the more chic and refined.

Just a few months into its new life, Moynat created a masterpiece soaked in traditional French craftsmanship that should not fail to inspire a genuine sense of awe and respect to aesthetes sensitive to the emotion that only such a work of art can inspire.

A luxurious intention which does not trigger a reaction nor translate a sincere emotion is no genuine luxury.

There is no question that Moynat’s Limousine is genuine luxury.

Cheers, HUGO

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