Men in Suits -- A Turbo Ride Through Time (1450 - 1900)

Men in Suits -- A Turbo Ride Through Time (1450 - 1900)

Several artists throughout history have attempted to capture the essence of a gentleman through oils and photography. Today we pause for a moment to take a look at a few valiant works that portray gentlemen of the times (art ranging from 1450 – 1900).

All of the oil artists have aptly entitled each of the paintings below “Portrait of a Gentleman”.

POG5 08portra

1450 - Portrait of a Gentleman by Andrea del Castagno, a landmark Italian portraiture, with the gentleman’s right hand clutching the long end of a hood worn over the shoulder.

POG4 bartolomeo-veneto-portrait-of-a-gentleman

1512 - Portrait of a Gentleman by Bartolomeo Veneto (1502 – 1546), Italy.


1555 - Portrait of a Young Gentleman by Tintoretto, whose real name was Jacopo Comin (1518 – 1594). For his notable energy, he was also known as II Furioso.


1629 - Portrait of a Gentleman by Nicolaes Pickenoy (1558-1656), a Dutch Painter of Flemish origin.

POG6 Portrait-Of-A-Gentleman-C

1730 - Portrait of a Gentleman by Vittore Ghislandi (1655 – 1743), who trained in Milan during the post-medieval Baroque period.


1742 - Another Portrait of a Gentleman, by Vittore Ghislandi (1655 – 1743).


1809 - Portrait of a Gentleman by an unknown artist.

pog4 John_Ponsford_Portrait_of_a_gentleman

1842 - Portrait of a Gentleman by John Ponsford (1790 – 1870).

POG 3 wilgus_PortraitOfGentleman-1

1850 (estimated) - Portrait of a Gentleman by William John Wilgus (1819 – 1853), also known for his works of Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman.

POG12 1868

1888 (estimated) - ”The Czarevitch”. Nicholas Romanov of Russia (1868-1918), a few years before he ascended the throne in 1894 as Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia.

pog13 Two-gentlemen-seated-carte-de-visite-stavanger-norway

1890s - Carte De Viste, Two Gentleman of Stavanger.

1892 - Oscar Wilde. Photo by Napoleon Sarony.

The Year 1900 - Gentleman Wearing a Top Hat, by Max Platz.

Sonya Glyn Nicholson, Senior Editor

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