Simonnot-Godard : the French way

Simonnot-Godard : the French way


As Frenchmen ourselves, we tend to forget that our country abounds with exceptional workshops selling exclusive and world-renowned items.

One of such houses is the very charming Simonnot-Godard. Since 1787 (!) it manufactures exceptional handkerchieves, pocket squares and cravats in its Cambrésis workshop in Northern France.

The fabrication techniques used in this venerable (and venerated) house are as traditional as it gets, and strictly follow two precise steps :

- The fabric is first woven on traditional looms (see image above),

-  and the hem rolling (an ancestral technique to make the hems by hand) is still executed at home by the few hem rollers still active today.

Cashmere-Cotton-Silk breast pocket squares

Cotton pocket squares

100% Cotton pocket squares

Handkerchieves and pocket squares made by Simonnot-Godard still remain, to this very day, true artisan pieces crafted following time-honored rules of art. The house has, over the centuries, maintained the quality of its workmanship, which is a trait that, when coupled with an uncanny attention to detail, makes it a house that we have no choice but to salute and promote.

The ever-growing list of clients who trust this small label located in Caullery (near Cambrai) speaks for itself, and goes a long way to proves that French craftsmans are still recognized beyond our borders when it comes to quality, know-how, and true (read discreet) luxury. This is why labels like Turnbull & Asser, Zilli, Arnys, Marc Guyot and Lanvin - to name just a few - purchase their high end handkerchieves and pocket squares at Simonnot-Godard.

Linen & Cotton pocket squares

A wonderful House we cherish and warmly recommend to everyone.

Cheers, HUGO

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