Elegance will save the world : The Fast and Gorgeous

Elegance will save the world : The Fast and Gorgeous

The Fast and Gorgeous or “dashing” man has ruthless flair and looks as if he just stepped off a plane from New York City or Milan.

He looks better in a scarf than most women and the cut of his suit has just the right balance of close fit and drape. This man knows how to accessorize. He is vintage and modern at the same time and gives the impression that he is versed in subjects ranging from old movies to classic literature, theatre and opera.

He gets to the point in how he speaks and in the way he dresses, and his sense of flair appears natural and effortless.

Let’s take a look at how our dashing superhero has suited up:


Here we see a Zegna suit handfinished in grey worsted wool and worn with a classic white shirt with the shirt collar tucked nicely under the suit coat (see: The White Shirt, Telling the Men from the Boys and also Avoiding the Fly-Away Collar).

The dark plum-brown polka dot tie contrasts nicely against the white shirt and the checked scarf adds color and dimension to the ensemble. Notice the tie pattern is on a similar “size-scale” as the scarf pattern. Different patterns which have a similar size scale can be combined successfully, without creating too much noise for the eyes. To learn more about combining patterns, see Two Quick Rules for Suiting Pattern Combining.


The look is finished with a Zegna brown overcoat and gorgeous red leather gloves hand cut, dyed and sewn by Omega Guanti in Naples, Italy.

Our Fast and Gorgeous superhero is also wearing a Zegna double buckle monk strap in chocolate brown, one of the most versatile choices among shoe colors and styles to pair with most any suit.

Is the dashing fast and gorgeous look your speed, or would you go for another style?

If you prefer this superhero's style, the look is all about pairing quality suiting with the right accessories without looking accessory-heavy : an art form that takes a little practice.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. Scarves are a mainstay. Use patterned scarves under suit coats or on top of overcoats.

2. High level quality gloves complete the look. When not wearing your gloves, place gloves in overcoat pockets or suit pockets for added panache.

3. A man-bag is a masculine touch, and is not only functional but also stylish.

4. Build a collection of nice overcoats to complement different suits.

5. Visit a barber regularly for special attention to precision hair, including taking care of facial hair if applicable.

6. Avoid too much jewelry or you will go into accessory-overload mode. Limit jewelry to a watch and one ring.

7. Wear socks. This dashing look doesn’t work with sockless legs.

8. Use the square fold or calm puff for your pocket square. The point-fold on a square can look overdone with this style.

9. Posture is key. Stand straight with confidence.

10. Read a lot...this style will make you appear cultured and refined!


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