Elegance will save the world : Dark-Grey Knight

Elegance will save the world : Dark-Grey Knight

The Dark Grey Knight represents his own style and way of doing things. He cannot be placed in any category or genre. His style is not concrete but shifting, and his changing mood of the day is reflected in how he dresses.

Unpredictability is the cornerstone of his existence and he draws energy from not knowing where he will be or what he will be doing a few years from now. By the light of the moon, one can clearly see that he is an individualist who walks to the beat of his own rhythm.

Let’s have a look at some examples of how our Dark Grey Knight superhero has suited up: Here the ISAIA silver-grey suit (ISAIA uses natural vegetable dyes for many of their wools) is crafted with a soft Neapolitan shoulder and the suit coat is double-breasted, but presents a natural drape that one would expect from a single-breasted suit.


The generous lapels add dimension to the upper body and the trousers are well-fitted to give shape to the overall look. The shirt has a definitive green and white stripe with a versatile widespread collar which is large enough to be easily tucked beneath the suit coat.

Three accessories work together to form a winning ensemble : a white-dotted green necktie, the perennial ISAIA coral reef lapel pin and a versatile brown pocket square—a surprising color which compliments certain shades of grey.

The Stivaleria Savoia shoes are a rich deep brown suede and offer the versatility to be worn with a great suit or with more casual attire.


Are you an individualist who must express yourself in your own way, or do you prefer a tried-and-true traditional approach?

If you are driven to express yourself uniquely, here are a few tools that may work well:

1. Basic color-tone suits to serve as your palette to dress-up to your liking (e.g., the grey suit, different shades of blue suits, and the brown suit).

2. The pocket square. Own dozens of these to allow yourself to express your daily mood with ease.

3. A broad tie selection that includes regimental ties for intellectualism, paisleys for playfulness, polka dots for rebellion, geometrics for a hard edge.

4. Socks that add interest with subtle patterns. You are no dandy, so choose socks with patterns definitive enough to catch the eye, but at the same time are not so bold as to scream “look at my socks”.

5. Suspender clip-ons to snub the “I only wear buttoned-suspenders” crowd.

6. The occasional bracelet (for a touch of sprezzatura), but you may want to avoid weighing your wrist down with more than three bracelets at a time.

7. The subtle lapel pin. Subtlety is key here. Even a simple red carnation in the lapel buttonhole can work well.

8. The tie pin. You are not afraid to punch a hole in your necktie with a tie pin and this is a fine point that sets you apart from others. (See Do not fear the tie tack, a symbol of audacity).

9. Never wear a belt, but wear fitted trousers that do not need belts. Belts cut the body silhouette in two parts and interrupt the visual vertical flow of the body. The belt is too common for your taste.

10. Experiment with wearing dark shirts with suits, from time to time.  Darker shirts, particularly in navy blue and dark grey can create an especially dramatic look with a suiting ensemble.


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