Elegance is not a function of means

Elegance is not a function of means


To those who still doubt that elegance and financial means are vastly unrelated, please see above what we regard as the worst sartorial catastrophe of the year, courtesy of Mr. Tom Hanks, whose immense (acting) talent we greatly admire.

This photo was taken several days ago at the Emmy Awards ceremony. With a moderately well-cut jacket, Mr. Hanks is wearing a pair of trousers about three times too large and much too long. But the worse part must be the barely shined derbies he is wearing (which is a pretty big faux-pas at a black tie event).

Two years ago we posted this horrid photograph of Justin Timberlake:

May both images serve us as reminders that elegance has nothing to do with his financial means. Didn’t Bo Derek (or David Lee Roth who is often credited with the quote) say : “whoever says money can’t buy you happiness, doesn’t know where to go shopping”?

Should we send dear Mr. Hanks the following picture to show him the way?

All that said, a bit of exercise wouldn’t hurt before his next visit to a tailor, but that is another subject indeed.

Cheers, HUGO

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