Corthay/Parisian Gentleman/Edmond de Rothschild Group : first photos of an extraordinary evening

Corthay/Parisian Gentleman/Edmond de Rothschild Group : first photos of an extraordinary evening


After a brief “radio silence” that you may have guessed was brought on by the preparation for the second screening of “La beauté du geste”, we are now back and ready to return into cruising speed, even before fully recovering from the dazzling beauty of the evening of the first screening.

Beauty was everywhere: in the emotion inspired by our film to the guests (as it is of course not up to me to sing its praises . But I could see an audience deeply “moved” by the subject), in the quality of attendees, in the magnificence of our surroundings, enhanced by favourable weather conditions that unveiled a spectacular view of tout Paris. And of course, beauty was found in the wonderful presentation of the work of the Maison Corthay, and its amazing shoes, definitely among the finest in the world.

Personally, I was deeply touched by another aspect, which made a very strong impression on me during these four enchanted hours. I was moved by the harmonious, elegant and almost surprising blend of generations and social communities that had gathered around the screening room - despite the few“traffic jams” that formed  in the lobby before each projections. Very young aficionados got to spontaneously rub shoulders with big names of the industry and beyond, while many (very elegant) women seemed quite interested by the work of Pierre Corthay and his team.

This may be the greatest accomplishment of the PG team: succeeding, in perfect coordination with the Corthay and De Rothschild teams, in bridging a gap between a rare blend of diverse groups that rarely mix in conventional occasions, during which they often keep to themselves. This goes to show that the quest for elegance as well as the passion for beautifully crafted objects (within or without one’s reach) transcends generations and social class. This, for PG, is both a powerful statement and  a great source of pride and inspiration.

Here is a first (purposely without caption) preview of the photos of the evening. To receive a high definition copy of a photo (likely one you appear on), please get in touch, and we will do our best to please you (with a little bit of expected delay).

Before leaving you to bask in the atmosphere of the evening by browsing photos taken by my loyal and talented friend Andy Julia, I must thank the Maison Corthay (Pierre, Xavier, Jérôme, Roald and the entire team) and the Edmond de Rothschild Group without whom none of this would have been possible. Next stop: London in just a few weeks… Most likely April 24th at the Soho Hotel.

© Andy Julia for Parisian Gentleman and Maison Corthay.

London, here we come!

Cheers, HUGO

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