Corthay by Andy Julia for Parisian Gentleman

Corthay by Andy Julia for Parisian Gentleman


You might know that PG is lucky to have in its team the wonderful Andy Julia, a young and very talented photographer whose work is nothing short of remarkable.

A few weeks ago, for a large publishing project we will reveal shortly, we challenged Andy to a first attempt at taking artistic photographs that would do justice to the sublime lines of traditional shoe making.

It is our opinion that men’s shoes are often poorly photographed in magazines, and that precious few images truly highlight the beauty of these objects. One exception would be some of the spectacular pictures featuring the great patina work of the likes of Hom and Bolten.

Pierre Corthay kindly agreed to lend a few bespoke models, not even particularly well glazed or shined, to Andy who was given complete creative freedom to photograph them.

We are glad to present the first proofs, photographed in less than two hours. We think that these photographs show the outstanding aesthetic potential of men’s shoes.

A sight for sore eyes…

© Andy Julia for Parisian Gentleman – all rights reserved

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