Belvest's "JacketintheBox"

Belvest's "JacketintheBox"

We've been keeping a watchful eye on the varied Belvest collections throughout the years, and recently have added the Belvest 2016/2017 collection to the PG Guide (found Here). In case you’re not familiar with the name, Belvest is one of the better Italian sartoria which makes on a large-scale some of the best high-end ready-to-wear available, with made-to-measure also accessible during trunk shows organized by brands around the world.

The company operates in Piazzola Sul Brenta near the city of Padova, where it employs around 300 people, who make some of the most stylish and downright handsome pieces of menswear to be found, with a consistent and reliable quality-of-make.

While at times shrouded in mystery as to “where to  find a Belvest suit?”, there is now a well-communicated locator to clarify precise store locations. We're glad to see a stronger communication approach from Belvest, since it is a respected house which we've had an affinity towards for quite a while.

Today, we put the spotlight on what has become one of Belvest's distinctive products – a deeply interesting piece of work which is both stylish and technically well-put-together in terms of fabric choice and overall cut and construction---but also practical for those who spend a lot of time traveling.

If you feel annoyed with wrinkled and creased jackets after traveling by car, train or plane (often caused by poor handling from a cabin crew who can’t comprehend why a 'jacket' would require any sort of special care), then you may find the Belvest "JacketintheBox” to be of particular interest.

Belvest Jacket in the Box Packaging
Belvest Jacket in the Box Packaging 2
Belvest 5 unfolded
Belvest 5 cashmere

The core concept has been developed by the brand’s manufacture, led by Ms. Maria-Teresa Nicoletto and her son Riccardo Della Piazza. The goal of the "JacketintheBox" is simple: use luxurious fabrics to make high-end jackets with no lining or padding, which are able be folded and put inside a suitcase or a bag, and then removed from the luggage hours later with practically no wrinkling or creasing.

The market of casual and comfortable men’s clothing is expanding, and many manufacturers have launched collections with light, unstructured and virtually non-creasing jackets. However, few brands have succeeded in this delicate venture to the degree that Belvest has delivered.

Belvest 1
Belvest 2
Belvest 7 white
Belvest Jacket in the box folded
Belvest grey unfolded
Belvest 6 folded
Belvest 6 unfolded

Smart packaging aside, the "JacketintheBox" is a solid concept that makes for a wonderful gift for any sartorially-inclined family member or friend, as well as a great way to treat yourself to an easy-to-wear stylish jacket for the times when you don't need the stress of clothing maintenance.

You can visit any of the brand retailers (see the store locator HERE) to see firsthand the Belvest collection, as well as the "JacketintheBox".

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