Altan Bottier : Quality Parisian Shoemaking

Altan Bottier : Quality Parisian Shoemaking

We’ve already had the pleasure of expressing our appreciation and support for the small Parisian shoemaker Altan Bottier, with its two boutiques, one near the Champs-Elysées, that offer a splendid selection of quality shoes that are full of style and personality, and well deserving of your discerning attention.

Richelieu bout droit
Altan Bottier Balmoral Gris
Altan-Bottier Bottines Lacets

The brand was founded in 1973 by Turkish-born bootmaker Sukru Sensozlu as a then-bespoke-only venture for both men and women—a focus that lasted until 1998, which marked the year of the launch of Altan Bottier’s first ready-to-wear (RTW) collection.

This bespoke bootmaking heritage is of course one of Altan’s strongest selling points, and a pervasive aspect that permeates the spirit of the house’s RTW side of the business.

In 2003, Altan Bottier started offering a custom patina service that is complimentary with every pair of RTW shoes, which naturally has become a big hit among the Parisian clientele of shoe lovers.

Today, Altan Bottier is headed by Altan Sensozlu, son of the brand’s founder – Sukru, who still takes care of the bespoke side of the business. By offering top quality service to both RTW and bespoke customers, the Altan name has made a serious leap forward in recent years – allowing the house to bring highly creative models and patinas to a broader audience.

Altan Bottier Loafer plateau
Altan Carlos Santos Handcrfated
Altan Veau Grainé

Another strong suit of Altan Bottier is its high level cobbling services, which are offered on site at the Rue de Miromesnil store in Paris. Incidentally, the house is also responsible for the cobbling operations and maintenance work for several major luxury shoe brands…

Although they do offer traditional models, Altan’s collections can be highly contemporary in spirit. The shoes are built either in Blake or Goodyear, according to what the model dictates.

A wonderful brand that offers quality shoes at a reasonable price (around 450€ in RTW with custom patina included) that should be on every shoe addict’s watchlist.

To see some of what Altan Bottier has to offer, head over to the PG Guide for a stunning high definition gallery of some of the house’s most iconic models.


Stores :

– 33 rue de Miromesnil 75 008 PARIS. Tel : 0033 1 44 56 03 88

– 11 rue Lincoln 75 008 PARIS. Tel : 0033 1 45 63 77 59

Online Store : La Boutique Altan Bottier (in English)

Website : here

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