A visit to the Armoury in Hong Kong

A visit to the Armoury in Hong Kong

Traveling to Hong Kong is a great adventure unto itself. There you will find some of the world's best luxury apparel, time pieces, and wonderful hotels, not to mention an amazing array of well-executed cuisines---ranging from the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant on the planet (Tim Ho Wan) to a full list of three-stars restaurants.

There is an overwhelming amount of tailors there too, although at this point in time, I've built a sufficient level of trust with only a handful of Hong Kong ateliers. Still, amidst the bustling city resides what is most certainly a temple of male elegance : the Armoury.

An introduction to this outstanding place should be hardly necessary, as it is one of the most well known menswear stores around. A knowledgeable and stylish sales force makes spending time with the staff inside the Pedder Building a pleasure, and wandering amongst their wonderful selection of items and shopping a few good finds feels easy and natural.

Mark Cho, Alan See and Jake Grantham continue to offer a tastefully curated selection from some of the best brands out there, which include the likes of Ring Jacket (refer to our article on Tokyo for more details), Carmina, St Crispin’s, Orazio Luciano, Drake’s and of course, the Florentine Master Tailor Antonio Liverano featured in the Gianluca Migliarotti movie, I Colori di Antonio.


Without a doubt, Jake and Alan have become bona fide tumblr celebrities in the world of classic menswear, continually demonstrating their growing mastery of good taste and elegance.

Here Jake wears an Orazio Luciano suit and an Ascot Chang shirt :

7 - option 2

And here is Alan with a Liverano bespoke suit :


Amongst recent news, the partnership between Ascot Chang and the Armoury is particularly noteworthy. Ascot Chang produces some of the best long-sleeved polo shirts around, with collars that sit perfectly under a sport coat or suit jacket. The pique cotton is lovely, and breathes remarkably well too, which makes for a comfortable wear in all types of climates, including tropical weather. The fit is reasonably slim, and fits much better than what is generally seen in other usual-suspect-brands. Pair the polo shirt with cotton chinos and a pair of tassel loafers for a great summer look.

9 additional

Alan’s pick for Summer


Jake’s pick for Fall / Winter

Liverano & Liverano ready to wear button down shirt, Ambrosi bespoke aqua cords, Drake's cashmere tie, Carmina suede tassel loafers,

Fox Brothers flannel jacketing fabric, to be used with Orazio Luciano or Ciccio, Drake's pocket square.


If you're ever in Hong Kong, do yourself a favour and stop by the Armoury. Not only does the staff at the Armoury provide great style inspiration, but in my experience, they can also be trusted to nudge most any gentleman on a sartorial journey in the right direction.

Paul Lux

The Armoury : http://thearmoury.com

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