7 Sartorial Myths Debunked Sartorial Talks Episode 31

7 Sartorial Myths Debunked Sartorial Talks Episode 31


The 31st episode of our Sartorial Talks is online on our YouTube channel.

In this episode, I try to debunk a few sartorial myths from the most simple (for the beginners) to the most subtle (for more seasoned sartorialists) in order for everyone to remember that the sartorial learning curve is not a science and that we should always challenge pre-conceived notions.

You can watch the episode below :

I also strongly advise you to watch episode 30 in which Sonya brilliantly explains the differences between Bespoke tailoring, Made-to-Measure, Made-to-Order and Ready-to-Wear.

See below :

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Cheers! Sonya & Hugo

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