Collaboration Parisian Gentleman X TLB Mallorca: Spectator Shoes

Collaboration Parisian Gentleman X TLB Mallorca: Spectator Shoes

Dear Friends,

Today we have the joy to launch the first collaboration on the new Parisian Gentleman, working together with a brand who is making a lot of noise recently.

Honor to whom honor is due, we start this new era of collaborations with TLB Mallorca, one of the most sought after brands in the world of high-end shoes and who offers (easily) one of the absolute-best values of quality shoes on the planet.

In contrast to operating like a large number of other brands—who subcontract shoe production to an outside factory, TLB owns its factory, located in the town of Inca on the Mallorca island (the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands) and is managed by our respected friend Toni Llobera Barcelo, hence the name TLB.

For this first common creation between PG and TLB, we decided to design a Spectator shoe so tempting, that even the most conservative shoe lover will want to opt-in.

The Spectator is an underrated model, and we have long been fans of the shoe. Thus, we set out to create a line capable of expressing the Spectator style element, while being extremely versatile at the same time.

Our main idea, when we were developing the prototypes with Toni, was first to go to extremes in terms of quality and extras (see specifications below) and to give the Spectators a more conservative design element with much more versatility than the classic black and white model, often considered too “dandyesque” to wear in a business setting or for a serious occasion. For this purpose, we chose tone-on-tone bi-material models, as you can immediately see below :

Thus, you can choose between five (5) tone-on-tone colours:

- The Dark Brown Spectator, which is easy to pair with almost all your business suits and will allow you to experience the panache of a Spectator while remaining discreet. 

- The Dark Brown Spectator with museum-calf leather. A similar model to the one above, yet with a slightly stronger personality thanks to a “marbled” leather patina, from the Italian Conceria Zonta tannery. This model works very well with brown suits, such as the brown glen check shown below, and the colour is dark enough to pair well with most blue suits. 

- The Navy Blue Spectator, a rare colour which is extremely elegant with strongly patterned fabrics (like glen plaid with different colours) and also with beautiful Japanese denims or chinos, for more casual wear.

- The Black Spectator, a surprising, rarely seen version which will make you step out of the crowd while remaining discreet. This magnificent model will perfectly complement your dark grey or houndstooth suits (like mine below). It can even complement a semi formal outfit if you are game to break a few rules (I am for sure) !

- The Gold Brown Spectator, which goes very well with lighter colours like grey flannel trousers and with all kinds of mismatched outfits.

For the last (the shape of the shoe), we chose the TLB in-house last named PICASSO. A very elegant slightly squared toe last, with a comfort level that is simply amazing (this last has been designed in order to give the toes more space). 

In terms of quality of materials and crafting, we decided to take no shortcuts and not to compromise with anything.

First of all, you’ll find in these Spectators all the features you would expect from a high-end shoe :

  • Premium quality leather from the Annonay tannery in France for the « Boxcalf » and « Vegano » leathers, from the Conceria Zonta tannery in Italy for the "Museum" leather and from the Charles F. Stead tannery in the UK for suede.
  • Goodyear welted with closed channels.
  • Calf lining with vegetable tanned leather insoles.
  • Real leather heel stiffeners for maximum comfort and foot support.

- Some crafting and finishing details you usually find on models sold for twice or even three times the price of these Spectators :

  • JR leather soles (from the prestigious Rendenbach tannery in Germany) which have the reputation among connoisseurs to be the sturdiest soles in the world.
  • Rounded internal and external bevelled waist (a rare thing to be seen in this price bracket).
  • Better lace-closure than I’ve yet to see on any shoe other than bespoke.
  • Flat laces (for a more refined finishing touch).
  • Seven metal nails at the front of the shoe for a better protection of the sole.

And last but not least, very rare additional features included in the price like :

- Wood shoe trees custom made for the Picasso last (and not generic shoe trees).

- And the fantastic possibility to order any of these models in four (4) different widths per size, E,F,G or H (F being the standard width). A possibility which is great news for many gentlemen who have trouble finding the correct width for their feet and don’t have the means to go bespoke. 

All this is offered to you for €575 (with VAT included) if you live in the European community and for €475 if you live anywhere else in the world.

If you add to this, free shipping wherever you live, these shoes are an incredible deal in terms of quality and provide an enormous value for the money for all true shoe lovers.

Please duly note that this collaboration is time-limited, and will last exactly 4 weeks : from January 17th to February 17th at midnight.

To select and order your pair(s), follow this link: PG X TLB SPECTATORS

I personally think TLB is among the best value-for-money high quality shoes out there with very few (if any) competitors in their price bracket. I also think the quality of TLB shoes is easily on par with some famous brands which are selling their shoes two or three times the price of TLB Mallorca. 

Each pair in this collaboration will be made-to-order with an estimated delivery time of between 20 to 30 days after receiving your order. 

VERY IMPORTANT : if you have the slightest doubt concerning the size or the width of the shoes you intend to order, please don’t hesitate to write an email to Toni ( and to me (

Toni has gathered, over the years, a great database in which he can compare the size (and width) of your favourite brands with the TLB sizes. As for me, I’m always happy to help you decide which model to order depending on your wardrobe and your needs. 

We hope you’ll like this first collaboration and we would like to take advantage of this occasion to wish you all the best for 2021.

Cheers! Hugo & Sonya